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Always find the perfect fit and shop without worries

Meet Tailie, the most precise sizing-app in the world.

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Say goodbye to sizing tables

Tailie offers you the perfect fit

Tailie lets you measure every body part with very high accuracy and matches your sizes with the products you want. Giving you a personal size passport to all connected shops. Whether you’re shopping for a suit, a dress, a winter coat or some tights, with Tailie your choice will always be right. 


The advantages

  • Perfect fit

    Say goodbye to sizing tables. Tailie always knows what’s best for you. Plus, measuring yourself takes less than ten minutes.

  • One time fits all

    Whether you’re shopping for a suit, a dress, a coat or some tights, with your Tailie size pass you will always get the best fit.

  • Share with family & friends

    Use your size passport in all connected shops. Share it with family and friends and surprise each other with perfect gifts.

  • No more sending things back

    Less returns means less time and effort. Tailie saves you a lot of hassle and helps the environment by reducing transports.

Simple, safe, fun

Your perfect size in just a few steps

Step one

Download the app

The free Tailie app will soon be available for Android and iOS. In time, you can just go to the App Store or Google Play to get it. For now, subscribe to our newsletter so you’re the first to know when the app is available.

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Step two

Start measuring

All you have to do to create a size passport, is follow three steps that take about five to ten minutes in total to complete. First, we need to know a little bit more about you. Secondly, it’s picture time. Step three is where you use the photos and virtual drawing pins to determine your measurements. After that, it’s online-shopping-without-worrying-time!

Step three

Use your passport in your favorite webshops

Visit your favorite webshops, link your size passport by just one click on the Tailie shop plugin and order the perfect items.

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